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released December 4, 2015

Cee x SVNTY6 - Be Better

All songs produced by SVNTY6
All production mixed by SVNTY6
All vocals mixed and mastered by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada
All songs recorded by Cee at Studio de l'Ascension, Montreal, Canada except 'LoveLoveYalll', where Notion's vocals were recorded by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada
Cee, Notion and D-Shade appear courtesy of The Movement Fam


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Track Name: BeBetter
Yeah, this some audio therapy for ya
A little something when there's no other remedy for it
When your chips a little down and your energy falling
Then me and Flames is finna push the delivery forward
Be better, it's a motto and a mantra
That I follow with a passion when I'm hollow with the answers
Bruh, I'm using meditation
'Coz in the stillness I can find some inspiration and innovation to spark creation
Eh, and the sample says it all, dude
I'm 10 digits or a tweet or an email away
If you Fam and you needing me then it's all you
Just holla at me, if it was me, I know it's the same
So, we tryina celebrate life here
Keep our minds right while we never letting the light dim
A slight grin coz we overcome it
My heart racing but I'm happy just to know it's pumping, be better

[Hook: Cee]
Be better, be better, be better, let's get it x 2

[Verse 2: Cee]

Yeah, this aspirational rap
A little message to bring all the positivity back
And that fantasy baller bullshit, we'll never be that
This more like a D&M, a conversation on wax
And yo, I'm knowing I'll be fine
The universe, it has a purpose, having faith in I
Through all the failures and the lows, I'm growing every time
The dark clouds is dissipating, man the pavement to my goals is just a steady climb
And shit I'm tired, dog, the kid ain't never lied to y'all
I really wanna hide and buy an island, wifi installed
But my dreams ain't fulfilled yet
And though I'm frustrated man, I know I'ma kill shit
I put my money up, and for the team it's a chill bet
We zero to one hundred with the biz, homie real quick
I'm sayin' it's a process, and winning is the object
Define it how you want it, dog, I'm smiling through the progress, be better

[Hook: Cee]
Be better, be better, be better, let's get it x 2
Track Name: KeepMyBabyWarrrm
[Hook: Cee]

This isn't for the single ones
Nor the people in the club who hitting Tinder up
This is for my power couples, man we made it y'all
And every night I'm coming home to keep my baby warm

Leave the lights on, leave the lights on
Ma, I promise I'll be back before the night's gone
Leave the lights on, leave the lights on
Coz you the only one I ever have my sights on

[Verse 1: Cee]

My biggest muse'd be my lady though
And right now she be inspiring my Bonita flow
I'm really hoping some of y'all can feel me though
Yeah, but how we do it, y'all, that's just for her and me to know
Eh yo, and she my little Beyoncé
My only Angelina, man Michelle with the class game
Composure like Jada but best believe she be nasty
You asking her business, she Lil' Kim and she can't say
Yeah, and she my, Kim K, no sex tape
Yo and she my Claire Underwood, no sex games
Homie, we be partners in winning, the empire building
Together we have a power we only just comprehending, let's go

[Hook: Cee]

[Verse 2: Cee]

My Queen is all that matters, really
Real talk, the best thing to ever happen to me
Yeah being without her would be nothing short of cataclysmic
Lucky in love, the lady truly keep me happy, innit
Eh yo, and she my personal Oprah
She known to handle business like Olivia Pope does
She loyal like Tiny and hold me down coz she know what
A woman need to do to keep it hotter than Portia
Yeah, and she the wrong one to play with, the opposite of basic
And a real power couple never stopping for the haters
When there's no conversation man, I'm satisfied just
When they talking bruh, they talking bout us, let 'em know about it

[Hook: Cee] x2
Track Name: LoveLoveYalll (Feat. Notion)
{Verse 1: Cee]

Love, it's the fabric of the universe
The only element that truly works
The remedy for when it truly hurts
The energy that got me smiling when I'm waking, knowing what my life is truly worth
Yeah, and it's why I even do the shit
Ensuring I persist, even when the drama hits
The love I'm feeling from my peers to the listeners
Reciprocated, man I'm blessed to be doing this
Yeah, and the beat bringing memories
To when I fell in love with soul in twenty zero three
How the music became an important part of me
And how I see it, the love of it was the start of Cee
Yeah, I'm never wasting time waiting
I just follow where my heart take me
Shit, love can be heart breaking, but it also can be heart making
So it's really worth the risk of aching, love

[Verse 2: Notion]

I'm always livin' peace, love and happiness
Until my last breath, I'm lovin' while I have it left
And when life throws me curves, know I pass the tests
Just for keepin' your heart warm, give you mad respect
When people show me real love, I mirror that
I mirror that by giving back, 10 fold in fact
Just to show you the appreciation truly there
You see the colour of my aura floating thru the air
And thru the air I'll send love right back home
My mum and dad surely known as my backbone
Real talk, I'm so grateful I swear
Livin' a life of love with this lady I share
Motivated by love not fear
Just open ur arms up time to kick it in gear
Hope you're listening clear
You can take this as a lesson in love
Or a blessing or a message that was sent from above, yessir

[Verse 3: Cee]

Love, unexplainable and profound
But it's beautiful to feel it when it goes down
Man I'm grateful, the blessings that done came through
From the love I have around me, it's astounding, all praises due
Yeah, I love my family, I love my parents
'Coz they supported me and Notion even when we jettin'
They two of my best friends
And man I'm waiting on the day that I can finally repay them, Well, for everything
Damn, and my brother, he mean the world to me
I'm proud to watch him grow into the man he came to be
I swear the music is impossible without him
We a unit, we a Fam, we a movement, never doubt it
Yo and everyday I see our future in my lady's eyes
I see our daughter, I see happiness, I'm seeing life
I love my mother in law, I love myself
And I'm loving all of y'all just for supporting how the boy had felt, love
Track Name: UsedToBeHiiigh
[Verse 1: Cee]

I remember my first hit, I was 15 in a park
And my homie handed me a packed bong with a spark
And he told me how do it right
I lit it up and I pulled that shit back like a champ and I knew that I
Would really take a liking to it
I can't front, coz the high'd have me shook a bit
The homies I was rolling and smoking with didn't look legit
We was hiding in the bushes by the mall
We wasn't seen so we could get it did
With Clear Eyes and deodorant, gum so my parents wasn't smelling shit
That teenager rebellious
The water pipes started feeling fucked
Plus the smoke was too much at one time so I rolled it up
And so began a love affair with the green though
Everywhere I'm going, I be dealing with the weed smoke
But as the fog was clearing out of my mind
I reminisce on when I used to be high, when I used to be high

[Hook: Cee]

Light it up, go 'head and light it up
This a party bruh, I'm tryina get us high as fuck
Vape it up, homie vape it up
Ain't nobody getting blazed as us (when I used to be high)

Eat it up, brother eat it up
I'm 'bout the cookie life, I'm finna to get us looking right
Nowadays I'm getting suitably vibed
Because I'm older and I'm grown, I kinda smile at when I used to be high

[Verse 2: Cee]

Yeah, so I took a break for a couple years
But every now and then, the kid indulging in a spliff
Shit, then I started working at a call centre
And if you wasn't high, you'd fuckin' kill 'em all, innit
In the whip, on the way, on break
Even after, bruh trust me, we be higher than the rafters
Then I met the homie Rev, he could rap and make beats
Plus he loved to smoke weed, man we clicked through the green
So I taught him 'bout bars, and he schooled me on soul music
We was a motherfucking cold unit
But the high got the best of us
We was in the lab for more than a year straight and still we barely got a record cut
I moved to Canada, I puffed strong
I moved back, dog I puffed strong, lungs was barely holding on
With me and Notion getting lit each night
Those were some fuckin' good times, I was happy when I used to be high

[Hook: Cee]

[Verse 3: Cee]

The more I smoked, man the more I'm getting sick from it
I loved the high but it wasn't worth the pain from it
Throat sore and I'm coughing up green shit
Another week ruined coz I'm fucking getting lifted
And I remember it vividly
October 2009, the last time that I hit the green
The next nine months, I ain't tryina lie, cuz
I was just a moody, pissed off, unhigh cunt
And then my brother saved my motherfucking life dude
He hit me with a cookie with the weed butter inside, true
I ate it quick and I was high outta my fucking mind
And in that little moment, dog, I knew I found my vibe
So I been eating and vaping
But it's always business first, bruh, the buzz is like a reward for the patience
And the hustle never quit but the high, it keeps me balancing shit
And never regretting a second when I used to be high

[Hook: Cee]
Track Name: Man'sWorrrld (Feat. D-Shade)
[Verse 1: Cee]

Yeah, it's still a man's world we living in
A patriarchy from the days of the Egyptian kings
When a woman was subordinate to every whim
And all of your potential depending on if you had a dick
Shit, but are we really that progressive now?
'Coz some have gotta rock a burka 'fore they stepping out
Plus the pay grade lesser, yes sir, still
Body image undressed and messed up, chill
So, what a real man supposed to do?
Smile while I'm feeling stupid in this monkey suit?
Keep quiet lest we making shit uncomfortable?
Stand by while these legislators fuck with you?
Nah, mate a real man, he won't have it
For his fellow human beings, he gon' bleed with 'em
And equality more than a concept
We born of the same thing, so it's all in or we all dead
A real man taking care of his biz
Carry himself like an adult legit, and earn respect from his kids
Treat his wifey like the Queen that she is
And have a noble motive with every move that he did
And yo, it's been a man's world
But if 'man' is a generic word for homosapien then yeah, it is, bro
It's time we killing the exclusionary bullshit
Progression comes from unity, let's do this as a unit

[Verse 2: D-Shade]

Yeah, gotta be something in them XY chromosomes
Why else we flexing to control this globe we on?
Struggle heavy when you gotta hold your own
Son kids life lessons, learning how to hold chrome
Yeah it's a man's world, but I ain't proud of it
We on some bullshit that make me sick to my stomach
They say they in charge when they're just puppets
Ignorance is bliss so we sit back and love it
Push comes to shove, I'ma tell 'em where to stuff it
Gotta speak my mind when I'm in the eye of the public
Bow to no man, that's wisdom from the old man
Times are barbaric like this is the age of Conan
Uh, I ain't rolling with their program
Liable to go H.A.M. if I gotta throw hands
And, take the stand for the whole Fam
That's just what you do when you know you a grown man
I ain't kiddin', my homie, I'm tryina own land
Vision very different from the times when I had no plan
Elevate your women to the levels that they ought to be
Instead of steady trippin' when they talk about equality
Stop treating people like they piece of property
Then we just might get somewhere probably
I heard you reap what you sow out in this world
And it all means nothing without a woman or girl, man's world
Track Name: AmaliiiaRodrigues
[Verse 1: Cee]

Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Living in the city in the middle of the winter
With a fucked up mindstate, a permanent screwface
The cold is getting to him, don't hurt 'em, it's too late
Yeah, he just a dude with a dream
That been quashed by a system, wasn't built to succeed
'Coz the red tape is choking him
The never ending snowfall avalanching over him, really it nearly broken him
Feel me? It ain't a joke for him
Dog, this shit is his life now, and he ain't having nowhere to hide now
He's questioning his motive and decisions
And really, the kid'd prolly be dipping if it wasn't for the missus
Nah, that's exaggerated
But this seasonal depression got him aggravated, and kinda mad and jaded
He feel the work he putting in ain't meaning shit to 'em
So he venting in the rhymes he spit to 'em, yeah

[Verse 2: Cee]

Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Living in the city and the winter never quitting
With a hustler's mindstate
The shit that keeps him going when he's coming up irate
Abundant dumb cuntery is fucking his day up
He looking out the window and the snow piled way up, shit, so all he does is work
And ain't no time for socializing 'til the temperatures is mild
Plus he stressing tryina get this fucking scrilla piled
And he waiting on some papers that'll let him stay
Guess a sovereign natural person ain't enough these days
Fabricated borders, laws and courts
Empires built on lies, wars, killing for sport
The truth, it could really drive you crazy if you let it
And he knows it so he focus all the pain onto the record
And he peering out the window and the snow is disappearing
Shit, the first time that he smiled in a minute

[Verse 3: Cee]

Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Living in the city and the summer finna hit 'em
With a different mindstate
His thinking kinda shifted to a new paradigm man, the truth is finna shine eh
He getting lifted 'til he higher than the crime rate
Gives him a perspective on his life and what defines great
Shaking the winter off, he aching to get involved
And making the bigger call, shit, that is what living's for
He wanna chill and move to Portugal
Wwn a smoky bar and serve Sagres and francesinha with some Fado tunes
And build an off the grid crib on an island first
Start a real community who in tune with the universe
He realizing that this fraudulent life is abhorrent
And nothing stopping him but himself from moving it forward
Fuck it all, he going harder til he beats 6
Legendary shit, Amalia Rodrigues